Actionable Discovery Roadmap

Charles Muhlbauer
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Included in this product are the following:

  1. One Page Discovery Roadmap to provide you with a full framework on how to run an entire Discovery Call.
  2. A video of me walking through the framework for you so that you have complete context around the roadmap and how to execute it.
  3. A 13 Page Document granularly going through an entire dialogue of the ins and outs of a Discovery call, including phraseology and ingredients for effective questions.

When you're on a Discovery call, it's important to know where you're going and how to get there, just like driving on the road without having to think too much.

Understanding how to effectively get from point A to point B in your discovery conversations is crucial to advance your sales opportunities.

This actionable roadmap will no doubt ensure you close deals you would have never otherwise closed.

In addition, after purchasing this roadmap, you will be included in a group coaching session to help you walk through this roadmap. 🛣

Stay curious, 🧠


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Actionable Discovery Roadmap To Advance Your Deal Stages And Close.


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Actionable Discovery Roadmap

13 ratings
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